Data Collection - The Results

Once all the data has been collected 'in the field' it is now time to do some statistical analysis.

Left - it is most important the data is gathered in a logical way, so there can be no misinterpretation of what was measured and where. At this stage, it is very easy for numbers to be mis-read, or the sampling sites to get muddled. Either way your data may prove to be unreliable.

Below - the data is then entered into an appropriate spreadsheet, usually 'Excel' for statistical analysis.

Geographers need to quantify their results in order to confirm theories and ideas that have been observed. The Bradshaw Model is one of these 'theories' to be tested. (Bottom left image)

Descriptive statistics (graphs and charts) need to drawn to explain the results in a clear and available manner.

                       The Bradshaw Model

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